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Shearer to Manage Newcastle


Until the end of the season. All I can say is ‘finally!’


It's time

It's time.

I’m amazed he’s taken it now as so often he’s gone on about how it’s not the right time for him to take over. So much so that we wrote a blog post/rant about it back in early December. I guess with Kinnear not being able to come back it was essentially now or never. If he rejected the chance to takeover for a umpteenth time (going by number of managers at St James Park since he retired) he would never have taken it.

As irritating as I find him, I’ll give him credit for accepting it at a time when Newcastle are a mess (no change then) and firmly routed in the bottom three. It will take a great deal of motivational power to get them out of trouble but if anyone can make the Geordies feel good again it’s him. That said, if he keeps them up he basically has a job for as long as he wants. Surely the expectations at St James Park must be so low now, hence there would no real pressure next season.

The final eight Newcastle games this season (Chelsea, Stoke, Spurs, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Boro, Fulham, Aston Villa) will be very interesting. What price victory over Hiddink in his first game?



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