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Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 38 Preview


So another season reaches its conclusion and for most part the last weekend will be spent gambling on random captains, hoping for entertaining goalfests in meaningless games and hearing jokes about having hung parliaments. There are still a few things to decide, and the destination of the title itself. But given Chelsea are at home to Wigan, I don’t foresee too many surprises.

In my private league, Clint Dempsey and Adam Johnson ensured a slight increase in lead over Sportboy P. It now stands at 27 which should be fine assuming the same captain is gone for this week. We only have six different players of the 16, and they’re mainly on the cheaper side of things so there’s not too much room for differing scores.


Gameweek 37 Top Gun (aka Tom Cruise Approves):

gomes spurs

Maverick approves of Gomes' recent displays.

bale spurs

Goose approves of ape-man's score. Less so of his big ape-man face.

assou-ekotto spurs

Iceman is too cool for school to mess around with such things like a thumbs up.

begovic stoke

Why the hell am I here?!

This is what happens when I do a silly gimmick to represent the highest weekly scorers and there’s a four way tie. All four of those players got 14 points as they all played twice. Any more and I’d be running out of Top Gun characters to use. I think Kelly McGillis would have been next. I’ll leave you to be frightened by Gareth Bale’s weird face.


Three Captain Picks:

Not many games matter so it’s a bit pot luck this week but there are three options which are self explanatory.

1. Drogba/Chelsea – Need to beat Wigan at home to ensure the title. Somehow don’t see them slipping up. Drogba’s still chasing the golden boot and it’s rumoured he’ll be on penalty duty this weekend because of it.

2. Van Persie/Arsenal – The Gunners have faded so badly that they still need a point to ensure Spurs don’t come third. Fulham have nothing to play for and will field a reserve team ahead of the Europa League final. Arsenal will want to finish with a win – Van Persie’s the man to get it.

3 Rooney/Man Utd – Need to beat Stoke at home to have an outside chance of the title. Rooney fighting Drogba for the golden boot.

Told you they were obvious.

Wildcard choice – Arteta at home to Pompey or Darren Bent away at Wolves trying to overtake messrs Rooney and Drogba.

Didier Drogba Chelsea

Gets a Captain's tick.


Transfers In:

It’s probably too little too late but for it’s worth you should be looking at the captain choices if you don’t have them as well as people like Nani, Nasri, Kalou, Malouda and Gerrard.

samir nasri arsenal

Might be worth a pick.

Transfers Out:

People not likely to play this weekend.


End of season review at some point next week. Friday I’d imagine.



Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 37 Preview


It all went a bit Pete Tong last week as I saw my league lead almost entirely wiped out based on one wrong transfer. I was still debating who to bring in on Saturday morning and was thinking that someone like Gerrard for Ashley Young would be a good move given the formers home game against Burnley. However I started to second guess myself given that a) Liverpool are super inconsistent and b) they were coming off the back of a European tie. It says a lot that I wasn’t 100% confident of them thrashing Burnley!

Anyway, that plan was put aside and I decided to get rid of Drogba as he was listed doubtful for the Stoke game. Rooney at home seemed like a good idea so in he came. Literally five minutes later the news broke that he was out injured. Transfer already made, one injured player in, one doubtful player out. As it turned out Drogba was fit and got nine points against Stoke while Gerrard got 15 against Burnley. 24 points missed out on and my lead is down to a measly 17. The title race between the two Sportboys is back on! Oh dear.


Gameweek 36 Top Gun (aka Tom Cruise Approves):

salomon kalou chelsea

Maverick's alwasy surprised when someone nearly equals their season score in one week.

Chelsea went goal crazy against Stoke, eventually settling for a 7-0 victory. Chief beneficiary was squad player Kalou who notched a hat-trick of tap ins, as well as an assist and man of the match for a grand total of 24. He had only got 42 points all season prior to that and it’s certainly one of the highest scores this year. Following closely behind was Frank Lampard, who rewarded the many who chose him as captain with an 18 point performance.

Lampard really has been racking up the points and has ten goals and ten bonus in his last nine matches. Barring some heroics from Drogba or Rooney, he ends the season as highest points scorer – not for the first time either. Elsewhere it was a case of the midfielders with Gerrard on 15 and Giggs and Aquilani both on 14.


Three Captain Picks:

Four teams play twice – Man City, Spurs and Fulham are the three you want to load up on.

1. Tevez/Man City – Two home games and about the only Man City player you can trust. Always performs in big games and Aston Villa and Spurs are big games.

2. Bale/Spurs – With Defoe out of form and none of the midfielders doing particularly well either, the Spurs pick has to be Gareth Bale. After last week’s messy performance at Old Trafford, Redknapp should hopefully switch him back to left-wing.

3. Fulham defenders or Dempsey – Fulham are always solid at home and have conceded just 12 goals at Craven Cottage this season, better than anyone else. West Ham and Stoke should bring at least one clean sheet. Meanwhile with Zamora injured, look to Dempsey to play upfront and hopefully bag a goal or two.

Carlos Tevez Man City

Gets a Captain's tick.


Suggested Transfers In:

1. Lennon/Spurs – Fit again though I doubt he will play the whole 180 minutes available to him this week.

2. Fulop/Man City – Apparently nine professional goalkeepers isn’t enough so Man City have been allowed to sign Sunderland’s reserve keeper to try and keep Villa and Spurs at bay. He conceded seven on his last appearance…

3. Etherington/Stoke – If you must go for a Stoke player this week make it him.

Aaron Lennon Spurs

Might be worth a pick.


Three Transfers Out:

1. Bendtner/Arsenal – Suffering now that Van Persie is back.

2. Sorensen/Stoke – Out for the season.

3. Given/Man City – Ditto.

Nicklas Bendtner Arsenal

Are you taking the mick?!



Fantasy Football – Gameweek 24


Only a few days since the last gameweek so we jump straight into the weekend’s action. Kalou was the top performer midweek but he has a strange irrelevance apart from a few games each season where he decides to score a couple of goals out of the blue. He’s a good player but has never quite done it at Chelsea. At £8.3million he’s well overpriced.

Kind of irrelevant

Kind of irrelevant

The transfer window will finally shut on Monday and we can analyse which players will gain new fantasy relevance. Kevin Nolan will not be one of them (see below) but I’m sure many will. I for one am hoping the Arshavin deal finally gets completed, though I suspect he will cost around the £8.5million range which may not be that good value as he’ll have to adapt. On to the picks…


Top 3 alternatives to Ronaldo as Captain. 

1. Van Persie/Arsenal – The Dutch hitman has been involved in every single Arsenal goal this month and with the rest of the side playing quite poorly, he is largely responsible for the eight game unbeaten run they have put together. West Ham have improved markedly in recent games but I’m not sure they have enough to win at the Emirates (not this season at least). Back him to be involved in a goal or two again.

2. Vidic/Man Utd – Another man in form is Nemanja Vidic with two goals in his last four games (oh and just the eleven straight clean sheets). Everton will once again be difficult to break down and if Utd win I imagine it will only be 1-0. The odds on Vidic getting that goal are fair to middling hence he’s worth a punt as captain.

3. Robinho/Man City – City have gone a mighty four games unbeaten and Robinho hasn’t seemed to have let his legal issues affect him. Stoke have been good defensively in recent games but City firepower should be able to breach them.




Suggested transfers in:

1. Bullard/Hull – Like last season Geovanni has once again faded after a bright start, meaning Hull have struggled to create much recently. To be fair everyone in the Hull team has stunk for a couple of months so Phil Brown has attempted to remedy this by signing Bullard from Fulham. He will hopefully provide a spark as Hull have winnable games against West Brom, Spurs and Blackburn coming up.

2. Knight/Aston Villa – Many people have been hit by Martin Laursen’s injury but his goal scoing hasn’t been up to last season’s standards anyway. He has the second most bonus point from a defender but Villa haven’t been solid enough to warrant his price. His replacement for the next two months is only £4.4m. Bargain.

3. Barry/Aston Villa – Ashley Young has been pretty quiet recently and is now suspended and during all of this Barry has quietly stepped up with some goals and bonus points. He’s still the penalty taker at Villa and they don’t face another Big 4 side for a while so he’s a good medium term investment I reckon.




Players to avoid:

1. Nolan/Newcastle – He’s been poor at Bolton this year and I see no reason why that will change at Newcastle. 

2. Palacios/Spurs – We mentioned him last week but that was before I realised he has been booked nine time this season. Harry Redknapp has also been talking about tactical changes  to accommodate him. This can only spell trouble.

3. Dunne/Man City & Assou Ekotto/Spurs – Both play for teams with rubbish defences and both have been sent off twice this season.





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