About Us

We are The Sportboys – two people with a mutual love for all things football.

Expect to find regular posts on everything from analysis of the daily goings on in the Premier League to who you should pick as captain for your fantasy football team this week. As we develop the blog we hope to start including podcasts, guest features and plenty more besides. Any suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

On a final note, if you’re wondering what the deal with our name is, we’ve taken it from our second favourite Peruvian football team: Sport Boys Association. Our favourite being the fabulously named Deportivo Wanka.


If you want to contact us, just send an email to thesportboys (@) gmail (.) com. Or just leave a message in the comments.
Thanks for reading,

The Sportboys.




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One Response to “About Us”

  1. Colin Says:

    I recently started a hybrid blog/site for Arsenal supporters, with a slight bend towards those in North America. It’s called Arsenal A.M. (http://arsenalam.com/).

    One of the unique, interactive features I plan to grow as the readership increases is called Gooner Graphics (http://arsenalam.com/category/goonergraphics/).

    I found your blog by way of 7am Kickoff this morning, and I think your photoshop pieces are great. I was wondering if you would mind me posting the Arsenal-related ones in this section of my site. I actually had my first ever yesterday posted by 7am Kickoff. I will of course attribute the submission to The Sportboys with a link though not I’m not getting much traffic yet as I just started a couple weeks ago. I think my site will work once I build a base readership and get the interactive features of it in full swing.

    Please get back to me via email when you get a chance. (colin.s.ash@gmail.com)

    Thanks for your time and great blog.

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