Challenge Lawro Update – Weeks 18-26


The longer I didn’t update this the more hassle it became but I’ve finally got round to it. Needless to say we are doing terribly and for all our talk are unlikely to finish the season ahead of Lawro, or indeed the Football Guy. He may be a decent pundit after all; still chats a lot of crap though. As always, 30 for a perfect score, 10 for a correct result, -10 for a wrong result.


challenge lawro-week-18

Week 18.


Week 19.


Week 20.


Week 21.


Week 22.


Week 23.


Week 24.


Week 25.


Week 26.


As you can see, pretty poor all round. Let’s look at the breakdown between the two Sportboys.

Sportboy T:

Correct Results: 43 (430 points)

Perfect Scores: 12 (360 points)

Wrong results: 62 (-620 points)

Total: 170 points


Sportboy P:

Correct Results: 50 (500 points)

Perfect Scores: 9 (270 points)

Wrong results: 59 (-590 points)

Total: 180 points


Sportboy P has upped his game and it’s essentially level as he’s predicted one extra match. Personal pride is about all we have left to play for so it will be interesting to see who comes top.




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