Weekly Photoshop – Patrick Vieira


The summer rumours around a possible return for Patrick Vieira to Arsenal got me quite excited. Yes, he wasn’t the player of the late 90s/early 2000s but I thought it would fantastic to see him in an Arsenal shirt one more time, once again doing battle against fellow old man Gary Neville.  

Now that he’s signed for Man City it just feels a bit weird, and I fear that he’ll no longer be able to handle the tempo of the Premier League. As you may have gathered he was this week’s Photoshop theme. There was lots of stuff to work on like how old he is; how French he is; how ‘big’ he is (allegedly); how Man City will throw money at anything… 

In the end my laptop screen has been dying a slow a painful death all week so after eventually finding a monitor that I could connect I spent all of about 5 minutes on my entry. Did get me third place though. Success!.


patrick-vieira man city

The trouble with signing le grande saucisse at the end of its career is that all the good bits have already been bought and you're just left with the straggly ends.


More can be found here.





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