Challenge Lawro Update – Gameweeks 15-18


A quick update on our failing attempts to beat Mark Lawrenson at the predictions game.

Challenge Lawro Week 15 - Sportboy P brings the score down.

Week 16 - Sportboy P once again messes it up.

Our first perfect scores in ages that week. Sportboy P was unlucky in that the Sunderland, Spurs and Man Utd games had somewhat unexpected results.


Lawro is too lazy to do midweek matches so week 17 was skipped. On to week 18.

Week 18 Predictions.


An update on how we’re doing between us:

Sportboy T:

Correct Results: 29 (290 points)

Perfect Scores: 10 (300 points)

Wrong results: 39 (-390 points)

Total: 200 points


Sportboy P:

Correct Results: 32 (320 points)

Perfect Scores: 4 (120 points)

Wrong results: 42 (-420 points)

Total: 20 points


The scores say it all…




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