Challenge Lawro Update – Weeks 10-15


It’s been an absolute age since I updated Challenge Lawro. For those that can’t remember, we’re taking on ‘expert’ pundit Mark Lawrenson at the predictions game. Also playing is the Football Guy. 30 points for a perfect score, 10 for a correct result and -10 if you’re wrong. We made a good start but are now lagging behind. The shame…


Challenge Lawro Week 10

Challenge Lawro Week 10 - Very bad.

Challenge Lawro Week 11

Challenge Lawro Week 11 - Not bad not good.

Challenge Lawro Week 12

Challenge Lawro Week 12 - Bad.

Challenge Lawro Week 12

Challenge Lawro Week 12 - Alright actually.

Challenge Lawro Week 14

Challenge Lawro Week 14 - Quite bad again.

Challenge Lawro Week 15

Challenge Lawro Week 15 - Here's hoping...


For what it’s worth Sportboy P is slightly more responsible for our shitness as even though he gets less wrong and more right overall, I get more on the money.


Sportboy T:

Correct Results: 24 (240 points)

Perfect Scores: 8 (240 points)

Wrong results: 36 (-360 points)

Total: 120 points


Sportboy P:

Correct Results: 30 (300 points)

Perfect Scores: 4 (120 points)

Wrong results: 34 (-340 points)

Total: 80 points




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