Weekly Photoshop – Thomas Vermaelen


SUCCESS! Finally some reward after months of nothing at all. 2nd place was attained in this week’s Guardian gallery which wins me a copy of Championship Manager 2010. Not bad given that the two previous second place prizes were books but I’ll probably stick it straight on Ebay given that it’s not Football Manager.

Anyway, this week’s theme was new Arsenal defensive stalwart Thomas Vermaelen. I was convinced until Tuesday morning that the theme was Rio Ferdinand, leaving a bit of mad rush in the evening to knock something together for Vermaelen. Both are pretty obvious, especially the Verminator, but I guess the second one is simple enough to have got second.


His mission is to take out strikers everywhere.


famous belgians

Keep his current form up and he'll soon be number one.



More here.






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One Response to “Weekly Photoshop – Thomas Vermaelen”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    The famous Belgians thing cracked me up, good stuff!!!

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