Challenge Lawro – Weeks 7, 8 & 9


It’s been a while since I updated Challenge Lawro. For those of you new to this, every week we try and see if we can do better than Mark Lawrenson at predicting the week’s Premier League games. We’re also taking on the Football Guy and at the end of the season we’ll see who’s best. It won’t be Lawro that’s for sure. Simple scoring system: +10 points for a correct result, -10 points for an incorrect result and +30 points for a perfect score.


Week 6 scores

Week 6 scores.

A great week 6 with positive scores in eight of the ten games.


Week 7

Week 7.

An average week 7 but the lead is still good.


Week 8 (oh dear).

Week 8 (oh dear).

It all goes very wrong in week 8 with a 100 point swing to the Football Guy and a 120 point swing to Lawro. Just two correct results…

Week 9.

Week 9.


This week’s scores pre the Monday night match. Here’s hoping Fulham can at least prevent a second consecutive negative score. We’ve had no perfect scores in three gameweeks! Only a quarter of the season gone though.


In terms of who’s doing better out of The Sportboys it’s pretty even but my three perfect scores in week 6 have me slightly ahead. I think P might be bang on the money with his Fulham prediction so it may even up tomorrow night.


Sportboy T

Correct Results: 15 (150 points)

Perfect Scores: 7 (210 points)

Wrong Results: 21 (-210 points)

Total Points: 150


Sportboy P

Correct Results: 19 (190 points)

Perfect Scores: 4 (120 points)

Wrong Results: 19 (-190 points)

Total Points: 120




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