Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 5


Very quick one this week as I had to write this quickly yesterday before going to Bestival (the downside of this is I’ve had to make my transfer early too, which is never good).


Gameweek 4 Top Gun (aka Tom Cruise Approves) – Ashley Cole

Maverick liked Cole's score but is disappointed he doesn't still play for Arsenal as then he really could have been Top Gun.

Maverick liked Cole's score but is disappointed he doesn't still play for Arsenal as then he really could have been Top Gun.

Yep, a defender wins it for the second time this season as Ashley Cole scored, kept a clean sheet and got two bonus points for a grand total of 14. He has been excellent so far this season and is fully justifying his high £7.5m price tag. Credit to Baines and Torres who were next with 12 points each.


Three Captain picks:

1. Gerrard/Liverpool – Gerrard had a decent week last time with the winner against Bolton and he also scored twice against Croatia in midweek whilst playing at Wembley so he’s a) in good form and b) hasn’t had far to travel. Liverpool face Burnley at home this week. I don’t forsee a spanking but what price Burnley holding out for about 75 minutes before Gerrard hits a piledriver for a 1-0 win. I think quite high.

2. Adebayor/Man City – Arsenal travel to Eastlands this weekend and you know that after all the bullshit that Adebayor has spouted over the past few months, he’s going to score for Man City against his old team. This is not a reverse jinx. Well ok maybe.

3. Fulham or Everton defenders – As sure a bet for a 0-0 result as I can see this weekend. Fulham have no strikers but are excellent at home, while Everton are still sorting themselves out after the Lescott saga. Take a gamble on one these defenders if you have them.

Gets a captain tick.

Gets a captain tick.


Three to bring in:

1. Lennon/Spurs – Players who did well in the international week is this week’s theme and Lennon had an excellent game against Croatia (as well as scoring ten points in the last gameweek). He has a very tough match against Man Utd at White Hart Lane this weekend but Spurs usually do really well against Utd for about 45 minutes and go about 2-0 up before rolling over and collapsing in the second half. Lennon could certainly cause the Man Utd defence a few problems.

2. Bendtner/Arsenal – Scored a lovely goal for Denmark v Portugal and has been making noises about trying to get 20 goals this season. That’s a big ask but he’s an important part of Arsenal’s new 4-3-3 formation so he should start producing soon.

3. Dunne/Aston Villa – Not really related to the international theme but if he is half as good as Martin Laursen was at picking up bonus points for Aston Villa clean sheets then he’ll be a bargain at £5m.

Might be worth a pick.

Might be worth a pick.


Three to avoid:

1. Modric/Spurs – Out for a couple of months with a broken leg. A shame as he was playing well (though not in fantasy terms). Kranjcar is a cheaper, ready made replacement at £6.9m if you want to keep a Spurs player.

2. Valencia/Man Utd – Still early days but being hauled after 62 minutes against Arsenal is not a good sign.

3. Scotland/Wigan – I still think he’ll come good but for now he’s yet to start a game and has been losing £0.1m value a week. Grr.

Are you taking the mick?

Are you taking the mick?




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