Challenge Lawro Weeks 1 & 2


Many readers may be aware of the Lawro’s predictions feature on the BBC football site, where each week Mark Lawrenson predicts the scores for the Premier League games that take place. Regular viewers might have noticed how often he gets it wrong, or predicts one thing but completely contradicts himself when giving the reasons. He’s an ‘expert’ though apparently.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that this season The Sportboys are taking on Lawro at his own game and trying to beat him in the predictions battle. Those of you who read the Football Guy will know that he did this last season and comfortably beat the BBC pundit at his own game. We’ll be challenging him too to see which blog knows best.

(Don't) Know it all

(Don't) Know it all

The rules are simple – 30 points for a perfect score, 10 points for the correct result (i.e. win but wrong goal difference) and -10 points  for any games where you get it wrong.


These were the results from Week 1, and as you can see we took an early lead thanks to three spot on predictions.

A good start.

A good start.

The two of us are splitting the fixture list so on any given week I’ll be taking the first set of games and Sportboy P will take the latter half. We’ll try and keep track of who performs better out of us as well.


This is what we’ve predicted for the midweek games (already two are wrong!).

Challenge Lawro Week 2

Challenge Lawro Week 2

We might not post all the predictions every week but instead do some catchup posts with a few weeks worth every so often. We’ll see how it goes. I suspect the Football Guy will end up being the main challenger.




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2 Responses to “Challenge Lawro Weeks 1 & 2”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    Those some cool graphs you have there, were might one come across something like that???

    • thesportboys Says:

      Made them myself in Excel and then screengrabbed & cropped. Will email you the file when I get the chance and you can just change the colours or something.

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