Player Rivalries – Part Two


A few more I thought of:


Frank Rijkaard vs Rudi Voller. Or rather the case of Rijkaard’s spit vs Voller’s hair. A World Cup game in 1990, things get rather feisty after a bad tackle by the Dutchman. Things continue to flare up. He then proceeds to spit at him. Classy…

He thought Voller wouldn't feel it through the perm.

He thought Voller wouldn't feel it through the perm.


Robinho vs Tommy Gravesen. Robinho does strike me as someone who keeps trying to push people’s buttons. He’s probably learnt that you don’t try and do it to Thomas Gravesen.


Ian Wright vs Peter SchmeichelIan Wright accuses the Dane of being racist after a game in 1996 but doesn’t complain officially. Chooses to take his own action in the fiery return match (was there ever any other kind during the late 90s/early 00s?) between Arsenal and Man Utd in 1997. I can’t find a photo but there was a filthy tackle by Wright on the goalkeeper and there was previous as he had also never scored a league goal against him (just one nice lob in the 1993 Charity Shield). Following the game the allegation came out again but Schmeichel got cleared.


Neil Lennon vs Alan Shearer’s boot. Silly Lennon, he should have known Shearer’s foot would be there, instead of carelessly trying to headbutt it. Mary Poppins then threatened the FA with international retirement meaning they couldn’t charge him as they needed him for France ’98.


John Arne Riise vs Craig Bellamy and the golf club. All credit to Bellamy for being creative and introducing a weapon into proceedings. Clearly his fists or his feet weren’t deemed adequate enough. I love how the incident occurred on what was meant to be a bonding session! The best thing was they both scored to beat Barcelona a few days later.




Landon Donovan vs David Beckham. A new one but it seems Landon doesn’t like being number two to Beckham’s queen bee status. More on this one in this week’s Photoshop post.




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One Response to “Player Rivalries – Part Two”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    The reason Bellamy used a golf club is because he was scared that he hit him with part of his body it would break and given his history of injuries I can’t blame him!

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