Added Time Multi-ball, and Other Innovations


You might remember these Budweiser adverts from two or three years ago where they had pretend innovations that they’d introduce to the Premier League like added time multi ball.

Now that US broadcaster ESPN has taken over the Setanta contract, I thought it would be quite cool if some stuff from US sports was actually introduced to English football.


Player Intros

This would be a novelty but quite a funny one I reckon. Getting players to an American Football style video introduction where they state their name, position and team.

You could just imagine someone like Adebayor saying “Emmanuel Adebayor, striker, Arsenal. No wait Milan. Oh actually it’s Man City isn’t it. Ok nevermind, Adebayor plays for whoever pays Adebayor most.”

While that might end up getting cut in the editing suite there is definite potential for some comedy gems. This would mainly be due to the general levels of stupidity amongst professional footballers.

Just take a look at this video of Chelsea players attempting something along these lines. They look completely lost the poor lambs.  “Ok Didier, one more time. You play for Chelsea football club and which country?” Reminds me of that Simpsons scene where Homer is placed under witness protection.


All Star Game:

This is something I would genuinely pay to watch. We’ve all speculated about who the best players in the league are or how many Liverpool players would get into the Man Utd team (at least five by my count) but how good would it be if there was one all-star game a season. A match where fans and players got to vote in the best/most popular players to play each other. Each team is represented and it’s generally a really enjoyable game. They have this in every US sport (the baseball one is in fact tonight) and while essentially it’s a glorified exhibition game (despite various attempts to make it count for something) it’s fantastic to see the best play with each other. Rooney and Torres up front? No problem. Young and Evra down the left? You got it. Lampard and Gerrard in the middle? Actually maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all! If nothing else you might see something like this:



This would maybe make things a bit fairer and more interesting in terms of competition. Why should the richest clubs get all the best young players. Why not have a draft system whereby the worst team from the season before would get first dibs on the best young player the next season. You’d still be able to trade/sell your pick for money or experienced players but you would at least see some benefit for being a bit rubbish. There’s a baseball team called the Tampa Bay Rays who finished last in their division for about eight years. The result of this was they always got high drafts picks and last season they reached the World Series and now have one of the best squads in baseball. It would be a bit tricky with the shear number of professional teams in England (baseball has just 30) but I’m sure something could be arranged with regards to the different divisions.


Anyway, a few ideas which could be fun. I might post some more if I think of any.




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2 Responses to “Added Time Multi-ball, and Other Innovations”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    I think you will find it was the Philidelpia Phillies that beat Tampa Bay in last years World Series

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