Summer Silliness


Excuse the lack of posts recently but it feels like not much has been going on. Not much that’s worth writing about at least. A few things have caught my eye I suppose.


Fergie shuts his pension chequebook early

Hmm, think I’ll take this with a pinch of salt. Apparently after signing Wilson Palacios (must stopped getting them confused) Antonio Valencia (3 league goals last season), Gabriel Obertan (1, yes one) and Michael Owen (8), Fergie reckons that’s enough to replace the 23 league goals from Ronaldo and Tevez last year. I’d be amazed if he doesn’t buy another top player to head into the new season and I think the fact that he was after Benzema suggests he knows that Rooney, Berba, Owen and the two youngsters aren’t enough. Aguero has been mentioned in certain circles and mischievously Torres in others. The former is much more likely to be honest but someone of that ilk (proven international, capable of the spectacular, consistent goalscorer) is certainly needed at Old Trafford.

Hands up who's here to replace Ronaldo. Oh...

Hands up who's here to replace Ronaldo. Oh...


Micah Richards has man swine-flu

Consummate professional Micah Richards was shocked to find he had swine flu. Good to know he thought it was alcohol poisoning at first after presumably getting absolutely battered on his summer holidays in Ayia Napa (how classy, I wonder if it was a package holiday).  Here’s hoping he passed it on to Craig Bellamy…

Yep, that will clear up the sore throat.

Yep, that will clear up the sore throat.


Man City after Adebayor

and Tevez and Terry and Eto’o and Lescott and… Now I do believe you can only play 11 players at once but that’s not stopping City trying to sign three more strikers to go with the eight (I guess Jo has gone though) they have already. From an Arsenal point of view, I think we’d be letting Adebayor go cheap if the price is £20-25million. If a 28 year old John Terry is worth £30m then so is a 25 year old Ade. Add in the rich tax that bumps up the price further for any billionaire and I think it would be some good business for Arsenal. I jest slightly of course but I think if City are going to throw silly money around and Adebayor plans to play like he did last season then he is welcome to leave. He wouldn’t improve their team nearly as much as Terry would though.


David Bentley smacked upside the head

‘England star’ David Bentley was punched while having a meal with his pregant fiancé. Now I wouldn’t quite agree with The Mirror’s assertion that he’s an England star. Let’s be honest he not even a Tottenham star. A bit harsh that he’s just sitting there and his partner had to see it all too but it seemed to be quite a well executed attack, with bills already paid and getaway cars at the ready. Maybe they were just trying to coax him out of his season long period of poor form. Personally I would have done it to whoever decided that paying £17m for him was a good idea in the first place! Though as you can see in this exclusive reconstruction maybe he was asking for it…

Before you ask I couldn't find him doing this in a Spurs shirt

Before you ask I couldn't find him doing this in a Spurs shirt




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