Fantasy Football – End of Season Review


So the end of the fantasy football season came and went without too much eventfulness. Everything was already wrapped up in our league with the final standings as follows:

League of our own.

A league of our own indeed.

As mentioned before, well done to the Football guy for winning a third straight year. Sportboy P did a Liverpool and put in a title challenge for the first time while it was strange to come third for the first time. I still managed to be in the top 40,000 overall which isn’t too bad all things considered but disappointing as I was pushing the top 1000 mid season. On to some awards.

Player of the season:

Fat Frank Lampard, take a bow. My refusal to bring him in is what did for my title challenge this season. Top scorer in the game and worth every penny (except by me it seems). An honourary mention must go to Steven Gerrard who despite having played 6 games less ended up with only ten points fewer.

I am the best.

I am the best.

Best value player:

Take your pick from any of the Fulham defence. My choice would be the keeper Mark Schwarzer. Just £4m at the start, he was the highest scoring keeper, and second highest defender. The only player in my team all year.

I'm pretty good too.

I'm pretty good too.

Best sub:

I lost count of the times John Paintsil would come off the bench and earn me six points. Every week you’d think Fulham couldn’t keep it up and every other week they’d keep a clean sheet.

Fantasy bike:

Nicklas Bendtner. Flirted with him on three separate occasions, dumped him on three separate occasions…

Biggest flop:

With so few goals in the Premier League this season, plenty of high priced strikers did worse than expected. In this I include Adebayor, Keane, Tevez and Drogba. Ade and Keane still got over 120 in the end so it’s hard to call them complete flops but they did disappoint. Keane Tevez and Drogba both failed to break three figures though so must go down as flops. Perhaps Cesc Fabregas could be on too. He missed 16 games (still got over 100) but he was so so good last year, it was disappointing to see him do so little.

Some help next year please.

Some help next year please.

Best improvement:

Stephen Ireland‘s price rose and rose and rose. He started at just £5.5m and ended up on £7.1m. Perhaps the only reliable Man City player too.

Biggest surprise:

When did Dirk Kuyt become a fantasy stud? 196 points this year from midfield.

Best performance:

Andrei Arshavin, who scored not once, not twice not thrice but four times on crazy April evening at Anfield. Needless to say he got three bonus points for a grand total of 21.

I need 21 fingers.

I need 21 fingers.

Cesc Fabregas award for cheap bonus points:

Frank Lampard with 46.

Biggest fall from grace value wise:

I feel it’s a tad harsh on Ricardo Quaresma to get this as he was probably overvalued in the first instance. He dropped by £1.5m in just three months which is quite impressive really. Special mention too to David Bentley who fell £1.1m (I had him to begin the season!) and Louis Saha who fell £1.3m.

Biggest fall from grace performance wise:

Amr Zaki please step forward. A blistering start of seven in eight including a double at Anfield. Little did we know that just three goals would follow of which none would come in 2009. His season went full circle, starting at £6m, going as high as £7.2m after that start and then dropping all the way back to £6.1m once he fell out of favour by the end of the season.

Best impact:

Andrey Arshavin gets this too, for his 84 points in just 12 games after signing for Arsenal. Take away the first two and last two games and you’re left with 78 in just eight games. He’s guaranteed to be in my team from the off next year.

Finally lets take a look my team in August:

From start...

From start...

and the team I ended the season with: finish. finish.

Pretty different as you can see. The biggest mistake was not having a second big midfieler after Ronaldo who could give me a reliable captain option (i.e no Gerrard or Lampard) and once again I used my wildcard too early. Ah well, bring on next season!



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  1. Robin Says:

    Wow… impressive… good job here…

    Anyway, I write a blog about fantasy premier league too… it’s here enjoy!

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