Fantasy Football – Gameweek 32


Ahh the perils of the wrong captain choice. Last week saw me go for Arshavin instead of Ronaldo as I’d had enough of C-Ron never really doing anything anymore. Cue the little Russian doing nothing at all (thanks Cesc) while Ronaldo decides to have his best game in about eight weeks. It could have been worse I suppose as I at least got C-Ron’s 15 points but it would have been nice to have that doubled. Goodness knows I need it my league, currently led by the Football Guy (again) with Sportboy 2 in an unfamiliar second place. I lie third at the mo but at the rate it’s going I need to worry as much about those behind me as trying to catch those ahead. Here’s hoping this week’s picks are more successful…


Top three alternatives to Ronaldo as Captain (though maybe he’s worth sticking with now):

1. Lampard/Chelsea – I haven’t had him all season when really I should have. I think everyone has players they never pick but I think next season I should make sure Fat Frank isn’t one of them. He just about struck the final nail in my coffin last week with another 13 points for my two closest rivals. This is more of an attempt at a reverse jinx as he scored quite a few against Bolton in his time but I know he’s going to screw me over instead.

2. Shawcross/Stoke – Here’s a gamble for you. How about someone who has six or more points in five consecutive weeks (including 15 the week before last) and faces Newcastle at home this week. If I had him in my team I’d be tempted to pick him for a either clean sheet or goal potential.

3. Crouch/Portsmouth – Crouchie let me down last week but I’m backing him to score at home against bottom club West Brom. If you’re reading Peter, I wouldn’t mind two or three while you’re at it.




Three potential transfers in:

1. Fabregas and/or Adebayor/Arsenal – I said it once last week and I’ll say it again, get one of these guys in for the final seven matches. Even though Arsenal still have a lot of big games remaining in cups and Europe I imagine these two will still play most of the league matches, Fabregas especially. Two Cesc assists for two Ade goals last week, the same against Villarreal midweek and thus a good bet to do it again on Saturday.

2. Taylor/Bolton – I was looking at Matty Taylor last week but decided against it for some reason. He duly went on to score his ninth goal of the season and dish out his fifth assist for a total of ten points. Only the big three of Ronaldo, Gerrard and Lampard have more goals from midfield this year. He’s only £6.3m too!

3. Baines/Everton – Leighton Baines is the cheapest of the regular Everton defenders and he’s now chipped in with six assists for the season. The Toffees may well sneak that fifth spot from Villa and I reckon he’ll maintain a strong finish to the season.




Three to avoid:

1. Young/Aston Villa – Without a goal since December 13th, without an assist since January 17th, without a bonus point since February 7th. 

2. Robinho/Man City – He’s not even scoring at home anymore let alone away. 

3. Gallas & Almunia/Arsenal – The former out for the season, the latter likely out for a couple of weeks.






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