Champions League Quarter Final Draw


A slightly delayed reaction but some thoughts on Friday’s Champions League quarter final draw which came out like this:

Villarreal vs Arsenal
Man Utd
vs Porto
vs Chelsea
vs Bayern Munich

From this

From this...

I think of the English sides, Arsenal and Man Utd will both be confident of reaching the final. Both will feel they can overcome their quarter final opponents and each has good reason to feel they can beat the other were they to face in a semi final. United because they have been the best team in England this season but also Arsenal as they are one of the few teams to have beaten the men from Old Trafford this year. I don’t think either side will underestimate Porto or Villarreal but ultimately both teams should win through.

Villarreal aren’t as good as the semi final side from 2006 (neither are Arsenal though come to think of it) and with Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo and Adebayor all back by the first leg, there should be too much Arsenal firepower for the Spanish team. Man Utd will face a slightly trickier proposition against Porto (they always seem to find technical opponents more difficult) but they could quite easily wrap it up in the first leg at Old Trafford. Porto are notoriously bad travellers and got soundly beaten 4-0 at the Emirates in September.

The target.

The target.

Liverpool play Chelsea for the fifth season running, and both must be sick to death of each other. I think that counting other cup and league games, this will be the 23rd and 24th match between them in five years. Liverpool have had Benitez throughout while the Blues are on their fourth manager. It should hopefully be a more entertaining affair than some of the goalless dirge will have had in the past and I wouldn’t like to predict a winner at this stage. I guess on recent form Liverpool might be slight favourites but with the second leg at Stamford Bridge it could well go all the way to penalties.

The winners of the above tie will play Barcelona. I say this with some confidence. I think this will be the most entertaining quarter final and should more than likely result in victory for Barcelona over Bayern. Even though Bayern won 12-1 against Sporting, they aren’t a very good side (when compared to Europe’s best) and if the Catalans can stop Ribery and Klose than they should have more than enough firepower to proceed. I don’t want to speculate what Messi, Eto’o and Henry might do to Bayern’s defence when on top form.

There’ll be plenty more analysis closer to the time with a full preview of each game. For now though my fearless semi final prediction is much like the Football Guy’s:


Arsenal vs Manchester United
vs Barcelona.

to this.

to this.


We’ll see if I am right.




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