Champions League Second Round Second Leg Previews

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Bayern Munich vs Sporting Lisbon

The Bavarians dished out the only beating of the round and likewise are the only team that we can safely say are through to the next round. Sporting showed some promise in the early part of the first leg but then decided to roll over to let Franck Ribery and Luca Toni do them over. Bayern have had their fair share of troubles this season but have shown the threat they can pose with a host of world-class players in their line up.

Considering that I didn’t watch the first leg, I don’t have much else to say. Except for Sporting player Leandro Romagnoli . I managed him on Football Manager once, when he was at Buenos Aires team San Lorenzo in. It was my first stint at managing in Argentina and he ended up being a pretty tasty playmaker for my Copa Libertadores winning team. You don’t really care, do you?



I can never remember if this guy is American or Italian...answers on a postcard please

I can never remember if this guy is American or Italian...answers on a postcard please

Panathanaikos vs Villareal

Pana were chuffed to take away a 1-1 result with an all important away goal. However, they were somewhat lucky as the Yellow Submarines’ slick passing game opened up some great chances for the home team. Giussepe Rossi was unfortunate not to add to his penalty in the 67th minute after Greek legend, Giorgos Karagounis’ long-range goal.

Pana have Henk Ten Cate at the helm. He was supposed to revolutionise Chelsea into an attacking force, wasn’t he? Well I’m not sure he has done that at Pana but they do have the ex-Arsenal legend Gilberto in their team. I doubt that will help them overcome a Villareal team that was famously guided to the Champions League semis by Manuel Pelligrini in 2006.


I won’t pretend to know too much about Panathanaikos but regardless I think Villareal will have the quality and experience to get them through. Especially if Bobby Pires can steal them a penalty with his diving antics.



Dodgey keeper, dogey keeper

Dodgy keeper, dodgy keeper

Barcelona vs Olympique Lyonnais

In light of Barca’s scintillating La Liga form, most people fancied a rollover against Lyon. They probably didn’t give credit to a team that has become ever-present in the Champions League on the back of their seven Ligue 1 titles. Nevertheless, it was a piece of dodgy keeping from Victor Valdes that let a quality, yet save-able free kick from Juninho creep in at the back post. According to some shite ITV pundit Juninho might be able to compete with Cristiano Ronaldo. How about shut up and watch some football outside of the Premiership?

Lyon impressed me from what I saw, taking the game to Barca and looking dangerous through Karim Benzema. In the end it was TH14 who undid their good work, stealing in at the back post with a not too often seen header.


Barca got back to winning ways at the weekend against Athletic Bilbao so are likely to be back on their A game. I expect Messi to rise to the occasion and Samuel Eto’o to make up for missing umpteenth chances in his past few games.

Any chance for Lyon? Two words – Victor Valdes



Language barriers pose no problem for Porto players

Language barriers pose no problem for Porto players

Porto vs Atletico Madrid

Atletico took a ridiculously early lead through Maxi Rodriguez in the third minute but after that Porto bossed proceedings. Lisandro, Porto’s Argentinian striker was particularly impressive, bagging two goals but could have had more. Fortunately for the home side, their attacking prowess compensates for their shambles at the back. Atletico also had Porto keeper Helton to thank after his blunder allowed a straightforward Diego Forlan shot to put the home side into the lead just before half-time.


This first leg result was good for Porto, not just for the two away goals but because they are usually woeful outside of Portugal. It is difficult to call  this one as Atletico seem to be a Jekyll and Hyde team, one minute beating Barca, the next losing to opposition from the depths of La Liga. I predict another goal fest and will go with Porto beating the Madrid outfit on the night, perhaps in extra time. There is something I like about Atletico and his name is Aguero (c’mon he married Diego Maradona’s daughter and now has a son called Benjamin Aguero-Maradona). However, Porto have a player called Hulk and in true top trumps fashion, that cannot be beaten.


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