The Six Pointer – Phil’s Favourite Cty, Paper Differences & More…


A midweek special edition.


1. Chelsea and Liverpool made all the right noises about continuing to push Man Utd but that’s all it is, noise. With the win over Newcastle tonight Fergie’s men have moved seven points clear again whilst still having that game in hand. The title is heading to Old Trafford, of that there is no doubt.

Get ready to see this again.

Get ready to see this again.


2. At quarter to five on Sunday Aston Villa were about to move eight points clear of Arsenal in the race for fourth spot. They then let in two goals in four minutes and following defeat at Man City this evening, now find themselves just three points clear and without a win in six. Their next five games are Spurs (H), Liverpool(A), Man Utd(A), Everton(H) and West Ham(H) which is not the easiest run considering they are better away from home. Martin O’Neill will need all his man management skills to lift a knackered squad and try and get them to the finish line. Their saving grace is that Arsenal are still involved in two other competitions so have potentially eight extra cup games (not including replays/finals) to contend with before the league campaign finishes. On top of that, Man Utd and Chelsea are two of Arsenal’s last three league opponents meaning the race for fourth is more than likely to go to the wire.


3. Sometimes you need the unexpected victory out of nowhere to get you going again. Hull will be glad that on loan striker Manucho scored his first ever goal in English football to lead them to a last minute win away at Fulham. Like Boro at the weekend, Hull had reached double figures in games without a win. Unlike Boro, Hull will want to avoid undoing all the hard work by losing their next 4-0. Incidentally this is their third win in London this season and they also drew at Stamford Bridge. Phil Brown must wish he could travel south every week.


4. I don’t think there’s too much difference on paper between a team like Stoke and a team like West Brom. But signing James Beattie means that in reality the difference is likely to be survival.

Inspired signing

Inspired signing


5. For a man so often criticised, Nicklas Bendtner has scored 11 goals this season. That’s only one less than Rooney and Adebayor, and more than Michael Owen, Carlos Tevez and Robbie Keane.


6. A week from now, Newcastle could find themselves in the relegation zone. They’re close enough as it is but both Portsmouth and Blackburn have games in hand in the next week. I can’t decide who I’d rather go down. Sam Allardyce and his Blackburn side or Newcastle United and their shambles of a club. I sincerely dislike Allardyce as a man and as a manager but it would be amazing if a massive club like Newcastle were playing Championship football next season. Bear in mind this is a club with the sixth biggest turnover in England and the third highest attendance. Reasons for why they are in such a mess can be saved for another post but suffice to say their run in is not the easiest with four of the top five still to play…

Uh oh...

Uh oh...




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