Is This Man Footballer of the Year?

The best this season? Hmm...

The best this season? Hmm...

So, Alan Hansen reckons Ryan Giggs should win Footballer of the Year. For what it’s worth, so does Robbie Savage. I’m not so sure myself. While Giggs had a great game against Derby and has generally played pretty well recently, I don’t think he’s even been the best footballer at Manchester United this season let alone in the country. For me Nemanja Vidic has been a much more integral part to United’s success this year. 


The betting overall is as follows:

  • N Vidic 6-4 Fav
  • C Ronaldo, R Giggs 4-1
  • S Gerrard 9-1
  • E Van der Sar 12-1
  • A Young 18-1
I guess Ronaldo is top United goalscorer and has won it two years running so has to be considered. Gerrard and Young have led Liverpool and Aston Villa to a title challenge and probable Champions League qualification respectively. Van der Sar has also been ever present in the defensive record.


Giggs has played appeared in 18 of United’s 24 league games this season but of those only half were starts. He has a goal and five assists and has been man of the match in maybe three or four games depending on who you ask. His form since Christmas has been especially noted but let’s be honest, it has been all about United’s defensive record this year. Thirteen straight clean sheets and counting (a third of the season) and Vidic (along with VDS) has been the only defensive ever present in that run. He has kept United solid and organised at the back regardless of who has come that particular week (Evans, Rio, O’Shea etc). The giant Serb has scored four times already this year, including the winner against Sunderland has only picked up two bookings since his one match ban for the red card against Liverpool. The Man Utd net has been breached just ten times so far, half of those coming in two games in early November. 

This guy should get it instead.

This guy should get it instead.

Giggs has been very good this year and has found a way to still be influential despite no longer having the pace that made him so feared. I feel however that all this talk of him winning awards seems partly to be as some sort of nostalgic overall recognition for his 19 year career. He’s never won player of the season in all that time (he does have a couple of young PFA’s though) but I’m sure that when he looks back on his career he’ll be quite happy with his haul of ten league titles, two Champions Leagues and nine other cups of various description. Given how well placed United are this season I reckon he’d happily be overlooked once again for the individual prizes if meant adding another trophy or three come May.




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2 Responses to “Is This Man Footballer of the Year?”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    I said Vidic quite a while ago, good to see the bookies agree with me!


    hey jamaa i also believe he is da best

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