Villa Beats Villa, Llorente Beats West Ham


and Spain beat England.

I don’t think too much can be read into Spain’s 2-0 victory last night. It was quite an experimental line up from Capello, and any side which hasn’t really played much together is going to struggle against as a side as good in possession as the Spanish.

The first result for 'possession' in Google images.

The first result for 'possession' in Google images.

There were lots of Aston Villa players on show in the first half and lots of West Ham ones in the second. Agbonlahor didn’t really get a kick all night and I thought Carlton Cole showed more in the the fifteen minutes he was on the pitch. Jagielka will be disappointed with his role in the opening goal, firstly giving away the ball straight to Alonso and then getting twisted inside and out by Villa who slotted it in. The second goal was poor defensively too and you could argue that either of Upson and Terry should have dealt with it.

Goldenballs Beckham got his record cap and I don’t begrudge him that at all. He’s always worked hard for England and whilst him and Sven and the media circus surrounding him whilst captain was to the side’s detriment, since he’s made his comeback he’s been a very good person to have around the squad. He always lacked pace so it’s not as if it’s suddenly an issue now while his set pieces are still the best in the squad. 

Actual representation...

Actual representation...

Overall I think Capello won’t be too downheartened. England were missing their best defender, midfielder and striker in Rio, Gerrard and Rooney and were playing a team unbeaten in two years. He already knows they have a long way to go before they can compete with a side like Spain, and it was useful to see some of the fringe players. World Cup quarter finals here they come.




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