Palacios to Spurs £14million-ish


I think this is a good deal. For Wigan not Spurs though. I can understand Tottenham wanting him as he will beef up their midfield and add some much needed height and power. I assume they plan to play him centrally where they still need a tough tackler. I’m not sure he solves all their problems however – the full back positions are still an issue in my opinion and they probably need another big guy to put alongside Palacios. Using the oracle of Fantasy Premier League (isn’t that how all players are judged these day?!) we can see that he only has one assist and no goals in twenty league appearances this season – so it remains to be seen how effectively he can become Tottenham’s Lampard. He had just one assist last year too. Of course goals and assists aren’t the be and all, I’m just saying if you’re comparing a new signing to someone who has scored twenty goals a season for the past few years, you may want to check the creative record first.

Not Frank Lampard

Not Frank Lampard

As for Wigan, this was an offer too good to refuse. Palacios’ value will probably never be higher so it was a great time to cash in. Steve Bruce will need to replace him but he can make £12million (or £14million depending on who you believe) go a long way. He will probably need to make good use of it when you consider he will likely have to replace Zaki (end of loan) and Heskey (end of contract) come the season end.




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