The Six Pointer – King McGrath, Chocolate Legs & more…


That was the weekend that was.

1. How will Liverpool react to now being second in the title race? This evening’s 1-1 draw against Everton sees them back level on points with Man Utd but having played a game more. United’s game in hand is against Fulham in mid February so for the time being they will look to simply match whatever Liverpool do each weekend. Liverpool’s recent form isn’t actually too bad but four of their last six league games have been draws. Perhaps being second will take some of the pressure off and allow them to play with a bit more freedom – they certainly don’t have any experience of leading from the front. The trouble is that when Man Utd go top, they usually stay there. They have reached the summit earlier than usual this year but already things are beginning to have a slight air of inevitability about them. As usual it will come down to Gerrard to stop them.


2. I, like many other Arsenal fans, have always maintained that Robin Van Persie has all the talent to be one of the top strikers in Europe. It has always just been a question of keeping him fit. In the four previous seasons at Arsenal the most league games he has played in has been the 26 in his first year. Each season since the number has dropped (26, 24, 22) culminating in last year’s low of 15 – less than a third of the season. Thankfully, and touching wood, he has reached 18 so far this year and has only missed games due to rotation and suspension. It has coincided with probably his best form in an Arsenal shirt and he has really stepped up creatively in the absence of Fabregas. His chocolate leg (right foot to you and me) has improved vastly and it makes him even more unpredictable (in a good way) than he already was. Three assists against Hull give him seven for the year and he will be key to Arsenal keeping in touch with the leaders until Cesc returns.

Van Persie's next injury - melted leg

Van Persie's next injury - melted leg


3. Talking of another often injured player, The Football Guy and I were discussing this over the weekend – how can Spurs rely on someone who can only play once a fortnight. When fit Ledley King is a top player but that is exactly the problem – he never is. I know Paul McGrath famously never trained (hangovers as much as dodgy knees no doubt) and just played really well at the weekend but King can barely manage that. In ten full seasons at Spurs he has played just 250 odd times (though amazingly he played every league game in 2004/05) and for the past couple there has been little point in relying on him. The problem is that Spurs can’t really get anything for him transfer wise as everyone knows his record. But maybe it is time to call it quits.


4. Who needs Bellamy and Santa Cruz? With Man City having now completed the deal for Craig Bellamy from West Ham whilst also still sniffing around Blackburn’s Santa Cruz maybe the two selling clubs will actually be better off. Saturday saw Carlton Cole score his fifth goal in five games and he formed quite a nice partnership with David Di Michele. Meanwhile at Ewood Park, Sam Allardyce gave Santa Cruz his first 21 minutes of play under his stewardship. It’s understandable why when you see that both Benni McCarthy and Jason Roberts have scored four goals each in the four games since Fat Sam took over. The £18 million he’s likely to receive for the Paraguayan will certainly come in useful for improving the rest of the squad.

Fat Sam's Lancashire Emporium

Fat Sam's Lancashire Emporium


5. Though we talked about Ledley King always being injured, he’s not really a jinx. When he plays, Spurs are pretty solid. Gareth Bale and Darren Bent are a different story however. Bale reaches 21 games without a win (Nugent’s shot came off him too) while Bent added another glorious miss to his growing collection. You know you can’t have much of a future when the manager reckons his wife could have scored it. Tis true though, she probably could have.

This wouldn't be the first time...

This wouldn't be the first time...


6. So it seems Kaka’s move to Man City is off. I think that right now this is a good thing for City. Yes Kaka is one of the best players in the world but in their current predicament defensive players are a priority. Nigel de Jong is a good start.




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2 Responses to “The Six Pointer – King McGrath, Chocolate Legs & more…”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    Did you make point 6. deliberately about Kaka just so you could tag him? 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  2. thesportboys Says:

    It happened to break as I was writing it. It’s all about Baptista if we want hits!

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