The Six Pointer – Chelsea’s Passenger, Everton’s Record Breaker & more…


That was the weekend that was.


1. Chelsea were very lacklustre over the weekend and despite them all being top players, Deco, Lampard and Ballack clearly does not work as a midfield three. Although all three are very capable of keeping possession, the pace of the Premier League is such that possession is not always kept for long thus you need someone with a good engine who will get you the ball back. Fergie got it right by pairing the skill and passing of Giggs with the hard work and running of Fletcher and Park (that’s not to say Giggs was lazy) and Chelsea’s midfield was overrun. Deco especially looked very pedestrian and has done since September. Chelsea really miss Essien at the moment as there is no one to drive their game forward. We have mentioned before how if you stop Bosingwa and Cole than you stop Chelsea and right now Big Phil has not come up with an alternative.




2. Rafa went a bit mental over the weekend and has done the opposite of take the pressure off his team. His bizarre rant drew the focus on him and his Liverpool side, and this was exacerbated by the dull goalless draw at Stoke. We talked in a previous post about how draws will cost them the title and there is a real lack of creativity in the side when Alonso does not play. There is an unwanted £20M striker who is not called upon and you have to wonder whether Liverpool really have the belief and confidence that a team like United do. Of course players like Gerrard and Torres are winners but maybe Benitez is beginning to show he is not.


3. One of the reasons Man Utd must have such confidence is because of their solid defence. They know that most teams will not score against them and thus do not panic when they have not scored after 80 minutes. Even when the like of Rio and Evra are out, players like O’Shea and Evans have stepped in and performed well. Eight straight clean sheets is a fantastic record and they have let in just ten goals overall. The tight defence has given time for Berbatov, Ronaldo and Rooney to work out how to play with each other and slowly the benefits of this are being realised.

Man Utd's defence aka So Solid Crew.

Man Utd's defence.



4. Twenty league games played for Spurs and poor Gareth Bale is still to pick up that elusive win bonus – Wigan being the latest team to take all three points. The odd thing about his jinx is that he is yet to lose a cup game in 14 attempts.


5.  In a league where clubs receive at least £26 million per year in TV money (and that’s just for 20th place) how can a Premier League club still not have basic undersoil heating? Maybe Portmouth should spend some of that Defoe money on a few ground improvements…


6. For a striker a goal every two games is considered a good strike rate. Everton’s Marouane Fellaini has decided to interpret this in his own way and has instead accumulated ten bookings in just twenty games. Can he beat the record of 14? It is shared by Paul Ince (Wolves 03/04), Robbie Savage (Leicester 01/02), Olivier Dacourt (Everton 98/99) and Mark Hughes (Southampton 98/99) so it would be great if Screech could get 15 and claim it for himself.

Marouane perfects his 'It wasn't me' look

Marouane perfects his 'It wasn't me' look.




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4 Responses to “The Six Pointer – Chelsea’s Passenger, Everton’s Record Breaker & more…”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    Whoa, not sure about Rafa putting pressure on his team…. Liverpool didn’t slip up because of what Rafa said

  2. thesportboys Says:

    Perhaps, but if he is feeling the pressure generally (and with a rant like that he could be) then at some point it will pass on to the team, either through team selection, tactics or motivation.

  3. Football Guy Says:

    I think Rafa told it how it is….Shame United go top this weekend

  4. thesportboys Says:

    Yeah true but a) Fergie never lets that kind of thing get to him and b) If you’re going to come out with these things then don’t do it by reading out a 1,000 word statement. Yeah you’re right, Bolton will do nothing to stop them going top.

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