Another Reason Why Liverpool Won’t Win The Title


May preview?


Will this be the scene come May?



A few weeks ago I wrote about how Liverpool will ultimately draw too many games to win the league, and once again they showed they could not break a well organised team down with this evening’s 0-0 draw at Stoke. Dirk Kuyt has been great this season but I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind playing him up front on his own when you have a fit Torres and Keane to choose from. Actually on second thoughts, I can understand Keane not playing… It’s a missed opportunity however as tomorrow one of Man Utd or Chelsea or indeed both will drop points, and Liverpool could have been six clear tonight with a victory.


I wonder if any reinforcements will be coming to Anfield during the transfer window as you feel that Liverpool lack that impact player to bring off the bench if Gerrard and Torres haven’t produced the goods. Keane certainly doesn’t cut it and was once again unused. The problem is that I don’t think there is any money to spend, certainly not without selling first. It is clear that something is needed as Stoke won’t be the last team to set up defensively and play for a point. Might we reach a situation come May where Liverpool have lost the fewest games but not won the big prize? I think so.




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