Half Term Reports – Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham, Wigan


tottenhamTottenham – 16th

Successful season so far? Hahaha. Ramos sacked, Spurs as inconsistent as ever, Redknapp’s magic wearing off. The only highlight has been coming from two goals down with four minutes to go to draw 4-4 at Arsenal.

Top player: Erm. A fuss is being made over Lennon again. Two good games does that.

Flop player: Pavlyuchenko still needs time but hasn’t shown much yet. Bentley has bags of experience but just hasn’t cut it at Spurs, hit and hope against Arsenal aside.

January shopping list: You name it. Harry’s after strikers, a left winger, a right back, a keeper…

Dream scenario: They won’t care as long it involves Spurs staying up and Arsenal not qualifying for the Champions League.

Realistic scenario: They stay up. Probably.



west-bromWest Brom – 20th

Successful season so far? No. But if they stay up it will be. They’ve done it once before after all.

Top player: Greening, Bednar and Carson have been decent.

Flop player: James Beattie anyone?

January shopping list: Players who can keep them up.

Dream scenario: Stay up.

Realistic scenario: Go down.



west-hamWest Ham – 10th

Successful season so far? Owner loses most of fortune in credit crunch, Zola appointed manager after Curbishley (remember him?) resigns. Mid- table tedium follows.

Top player: Upson and Green have bought themselves transfers out.

Flop player: Remember when Keiron Dyer was touted as England’s great hope. When was the last time he played? He’s gone 30 now. Signing Tristan seemed a bit pointless and the Ljungberg saga was quite funny too. On my Football Manager game you can now pick him up from Seattle for about £20K in transfer fee and he’ll accept a contract for about £1K a week.

January shopping list: Don’t be silly, West Ham can’t afford anyone.

Dream scenario: They climb to the heady heights of ninth.

Realistic scenario: They drop to the lows of eleventh.



wiganWigan – 7th

Successful season so far? Yes. Steve Bruce has made some random but inspired signings. Hands up who knew who Amr Zaki was before August? I certainly didn’t. I do think he looks like Jaws from Moonraker however and am £100 richer for it. Anyway, Wigan are solid defensively and play good football going forward. They just need to keep the likes of Heskey and Valencia till the end of the season and they’ll be alright.

Top player: Zaki was an inspired bit of business and scored a wonderful double at Anfield, amongst many other goals. It’s probably Heskey’s play alongside him which lets him score so many though. Figueroa has been very good and, whisper it, so has Titus Bramble.

Flop player: No one cost enough money to be a flop.

January shopping list: Replacements for anyone who leaves, the most likely being Heskey.

Dream scenario: The higher end of mid table.

Realistic scenario: The higher end of mid table.




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