Fantasy Football – Gameweeks 19 & 20


With Gameweek 20 coming just two days after Gameweek 19 ends I think it makes sense to put the two together in a joint preview. I’m sure many people will miss one or both of the deadlines due to various Christmas commitments. Last week saw a selection of games that were hard to predict and some low scores overall. Lots of defenders getting good points while just eight players got into double figures (including Cech and Friedel). With most teams playing two game in three days squads will be stretched, meaning we may see some players missing the second round of fixtures.

Who will get good points in their cracker?

Who will get good points in their cracker?


Top 3 Alternatives to the standard choice of Ronaldo as Captain:

1. Gerrard/Liverpool – Torres is due back (on the bench at least) against Bolton but it’s still Gerrard who is the most important player. Games against Bolton and Newcastle are just the kind where he could do well in. He’s already scored against Bolton this season and I’d back him to get some decent points over Christmas. He scored three goals in the two games before Arsenal and also got five bonus points. I’m sure that all the reporters will want to get home as quickly as possible on Boxing Day so will probably go “Screw it, just give the points to Gerrard so we can get to our turkey leftovers…”

2. Young/Aston Villa – Played well last week but only got a bonus point for his efforts in a tight game against Aston Villa. I am slightly worried at what he may do to Arsenal at the weekend, he seems to love playing in evening games and his pace and crossing will cause real problems. The second game is at Hull and there will be plenty of goals in that match. 

3. Van Persie/Arsenal – Whilst Villa have a good shot of beating Arsenal I’m not sure they can keep a clean sheet. Laursen is apparently out with a knee injury and their defence generally isn’t super tight anyway with 20 goals conceded. RVP is a man in good form this year with seven goals and 15 bonus. With Ade out he will lead the line (possibly on his own) against Villa and is a good shout against Porstmouth two days later.




Suggested Transfers In:

1. Jones or Cisse or Malbranque/Sunderland – Whether it’s actually down to Ricky Sbragia or just because anyone would be more cheery than Roy Keane, Sunderland are playing with a bit of freedom at the moment. They have eight goals in two games and face Blackburn and Everton over Christmas. Cisse has been a regular scorer all year with eight goals while Jones is beginning to pick up where he left off last year. Malbranque meanwhile has already got nine assists and is now one of the top seven midfielders. 

2. One of Denilson or Diaby or Song or Nasri or Eboue or Ramsey or Wilshere – Arsenal – How times change. After slating them in recent weeks people like Diaby are now an option. The reason? Fabregas is out injured for four months. This means someone has to take over the creative duties, at least until January when Wenger can buy (though knowing him he won’t). If I’m perfectly honest I’d probably only go for Nasri out of this list or maybe Denilson as he’s cheap. I imagine that assists will probably be quite spread out but all of these guys are under £6m (Nasri aside) so take a punt on whoever you think will step up.

3. Bullard/Fulham – Their defence is keeping it tight at the back but Bullard is pulling the strings further up. Two goals and TEN bonus points in his last five games. Only £6.3m too.




Players to avoid/get rid of.

1. Fabregas/Arsenal – Hobbled off at half time in last week’s Arsenal v Liverpool match after a tackle by Alonso. Now confirmed as being out for four months with knee ligament damage. He could be back for the last eight games of the season but at the same time given Arsenal’s track record with injuries it wouldn’t be a shock if he didn’t return till 09/10. I guess it will depend on whether Arsenal have a shot at a trophy come April.  

2. Terry/Chelsea – Not only did he start the season costing  a ripoff £7.5m (how?!), he’s now been sent off twice this season. While Chelsea have a rock solid defence, none of their other defenders cost more than £6.5m at the start. It’s not as if he’s even the prolific goal scorer of 05/06 – he has zero goals this season, while only scoring one in 07/08 and 06/07. I’m just glad that people have finally realised he’s not even the best defender at Chelsea let alone England. 

3. Keane/Liverpool – I reckon his strike against Arsenal was his ‘David Bentley moment’. Bentley also scored a great goal at the Emirates which will clearly be the highlight of his season and has done nothing since. I think Keane may go the same way.






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