Fantasy Football – Gameweek 18


One of the highlights of fantasy football is when you get teams playing twice in a gameweek. Pick the right captain and you’re easily making triple figures in points overall. There haven’t been any thus far, but Man Utd miss a match this weekend for the second time this season so at some point in the New Year will be catching up on games against Fulham and Wigan.

Tin Pot Tournament

Tin Pot Tournament

Last week if you had picked either of our suggestions of Young or Gerrard as captain you would be sitting pretty to the tune of 26 or 28 points. For some reason I went with Ronaldo so only got 12. It’s actually quite nice not having him play this week as it finally forces different captain choices. As mentioned Man Utd and Wigan don’t play so make sure you have enough players to bring in from the bench. 


Top 3 Alternatives to the standard choice of Ronaldo as Captain:

1. Young/Aston Villa – There are some quite tricky games to call this week so no obvious captain choices stand out. One option is to go with Young, who has been on fire for the past two weeks – three goals, an assist and six bonus points. It’s always risky choosing someone who has an away game but West Ham are pretty bad defensively.

2. Adebayor/Arsenal – Arsenal have been very inconsistent this season but have saved their best performances for the big matches. Liverpool don’t have the best record at the Emirates and I can see Adebayor  causing their central defence problems whether it’s Carragher, Hyppia or Agger (and with Rafa who knows…). Ade has been playing well recently and has seven goals and seven assists for the season. He’s quietly picked up points every week and is the second highest scoring striker after Anelka.

3. Santa Cruz/Blackburn- A bit of left field choice considering his form and Blackburn’s league position. I talked about Blackburn’s poor point scoring overall last week but Roque is now the first to break the 40 point barrier – go him! Also, I’m going with the notion of teams improving when a new manager. Yes that manager is Sam Allardyce (oh how I want them go down) but it’s worth a shot. Stoke have only one win in six (though only one defeat too) and it’s at Ewood Park. 





Suggested Transfers In:

1. Whoever fits in your budget/Blackburn – As mentioned above new managers have a galvanising effect, often getting initial wins above their station before settling back to mediocrity. It’s hard to pick out any stars as there haven’t been any but perhaps Pederson might pick up some form or maybe Samba is good for a clean sheet. Blackburn players are pretty cheap right now so you could pick up a bargain.

2. Elmander/Bolton – I slated him for about six weeks solid on this blog and he’s responded and proved me wrong. He has four goals in four games and plays a Portsmouth side capable of great wins one week and bad defeats the next.

3. Owen/Newcastle – Never underestimate a player who’s after a new contract from somewhere.





Players to avoid.

1. Song or Diaby/Arsenal – Out of principle. They may ‘play’ every week but they never do anything useful, in real life or fantasy.

2. Any Man City player not named Robinho or Ireland – Before they worry about becoming one the biggest teams in Europe they should concentrate on surviving in the Premier League. 

3. Joe Cole/Chelsea – His undoubted talent can’t overcome yet another injury riddled season. After a good start where he played the first five games, he’s managed just five of the last 12.






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