The Six Pointer – Ebooooooue, Scoring Then Conceding & more…


This was the weekend that was…


1. There’s a more in depth take on the Emmanuel Eboue booing on Saturday in the previous post but needless to say it was uncalled for, however bad a game he was having. Home fans should support their team no matter what. Booing a team off at half time because they are playing crap and need to wake up is different to ironically cheering when Eboue’s number come up and then booing him as he trudges off the field. It achieves nothing, ruins his confidence and puts the rest of the team on edge. Yes he’s frustrating and possibly one of the worst players in the Arsenal squad (the others being Song and arguably Bendtner) but Abou Diaby is just as lazy and gets nowhere near the same abuse. The atmosphere this year has been quiet and nervous enough without the need to start booing our own players. On a side note I love how the Arsenal website completely ignores the main story of the weekend in their match report.

Arsenal propaganda

Arsenal propaganda


2. The old adage that you are most likely to concede just after you score didn’t ring truer than at Goodison Park yesterday. Just after Lescott grabbed his second, Ashley Young scores a wonderful winner with virtually the last kick of the game. A vital three points for Villa keeps them in the hunt for 4th spot. Everton huffed and puffed with Anichebe up front but clearly miss the Yak.  


3. With the Toffees (desperately) needing a striker and Micheal Owen fit and back amongst the goals tapins, what price a cheeky bid in January? Newcastle have even less money to spend than Everton so may sell rather than let his contract expire in the summer. His rumoured wages of £110k a week might prove a problem but he is a boyhood Everton fan so may take a pay cut. In my Portsmouth game on Football Manager 2009 he actually ended up going to Man Utd in the summer but somehow I don’t think that’s very likely in real life. 

6 yard punisher

6 yard punisher


4. Man City’s league results this season have been the height of inconsistency: LWWLWLLDWLLLDWLD. Bring on the January sales…


5. Will Robbie Keane be classed as the flop of the season? His form has been so poor he was dropped against struggling Blackburn when you’d think who better to play against when suffering a drought. His only league goals have come against bottom club West Brom at home and he’s now suffering the ignominy of being linked with a move back to Spurs. He’s cost five million a goal thus far (I’m being generous and counting Europe) and has done little to help Liverpool’s climb to the top of their table. Their most important summer business currently looks like it was not selling Alonso to Arsenal.


6. A word finally for Darren Anderton, the greatest sicknote of them all. He finally retired on Saturday after a 500 odd game career blighted by injuries but with an uncanny ability to always be fit for major tournaments. He only won 30 caps for England yet played in Word Cup ’98 as well as Euro 1996 & 2000. As far as final games go, to come off the bench and score the winner is a nice way to end.  He now passes on the mantle of permanently injured player to Tomas Rosicky. It was going to go to Louis Saha but he couldn’t make the ceremony due to a calf strain.

Shocked he was on the pitch...

Shocked he was on the pitch...




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