Fantasy Football – Gameweek 16


Another poor week saw me get below the average score. A lot of this had to with Ronaldo getting himself needlessly sent off and scoring a grand total of zero points.

No Rio, he got zero points not one.

No Rio, he got zero points not one.

It was good to see Fabregas finally do something (relatively speaking, it was only four points after all) while Fulham defenders have made themselves arguably the best value in the game. None of our captain choices really did anything and it was another week for unsung players getting big points.


Top 3 Alternatives to Ronaldo as Captain:

1. Adebayor or Fabregas/Arsenal – Ade’s fit again and is looking to help an Arsenal team prove they can beat the Wigans as well as the Man Utds and Chelseas of this world. Van Persie is an option given his form but I think this is the kind of game Ade can dominate in. His goalscoring hasn’t matched up to last season yet but he’s been getting more bonus points. I certainly think he’ll get more than the standard two points or playing this weekend. Fabregas is slowly but surely improving his form and be looking to provide the assists from midfield. As always, Wigan at home should be a win but you never know…

2. Rooney or Tevez or Berbatov/Man Utd – I thought Ronaldo may be suspended for this game after his sending off last week but apparently he had to miss the midweek Blackburn League Cup match. Handy as he was never going to play in it anyway. I normally wouldn’t included Tevez with the other two given his lack of playing time but seeing as he scored four goals midweek he may well get a start. Sunderland at home won’t provide too much of a test, especially now they no longer have Roy Keane as manager.

3. Lampard/Chelsea – He always seem to score away against Bolton. Big Phil won’t want a third game without a win.




Suggested Transfers In:

1. Pantsil or Hangeland/Fulham – Both well under 5 million, both part of a defence that has only conceded 11 goals all season. I’d put Schwarzer here too obviously ( 17 points in two weeks) but I assume most of you have him already as he’s so cheap. It may be time to start him though.

2. Anichebe or Cahill/Everton – Yakubu suffered an achilles injury last week and is out for the season. James Vaughan won’t be back till next year and Louis Saha is, well, Louis Saha. All this means Victor Anichebe is Everton’s only fit striker and is well worth a punt at £5.4 million. Tim Cahill will also be pushed up to support him so has the chance to score some good points (he’s a midfielder don’t forget).

3. Van Persie/Arsenal – The question with Robin Van Persie has never been whether he has the talent but whether he can stay fit for the course of the season. So far this year, so good and the two goals against Chelsea showed how important he is for Arsenal in terms of providing something direct and different to their style of play. With Wigan and Boro in the next two week he should add to his seven goals and three assists so far.



Players to avoid.

1. Carew/Aston Villa – Only ten minutes played in the last four games due to a niggly back injury. 

2. Any Sunderland players (apart from Cisse) – Managerless, in the bottom three, six defeats from seven and United away this week. Wait until a new manager comes and then bring them in as they’ll pick up form. Though if it’s Allardyce boycott them altogether.

3. Any West Brom player – Bottom of the Premier League for a reason.






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