The Six Pointer – Is Roy Keane Any Good, RVP’s Right & more…


All eyes were on Sunday after one of the least appealing set of Saturday games this season. Only Sunderland v Bolton served up anything interesting and that was in part to all the comedy defending. As Mark Lawrenson would say (he would and you know it), Christmas is the season of giving. 


1. Is Roy Keane any good? We’ve touched before on how Sunderland’s strikeforce of Kenwyn Jones and Djibril Cisse has more than enough quality to keep them up. However, judging by the state of their defence (Saturday’s comedy here), it may not be enough. They’re down to 19th with just one win in seven. Keane has spent more than £60 million since taking over in the summer of 2006. There are some decent players there (Malbranque, Ferdinand, the two main strikers, a few others) but also a lot of tosh. His reliance on Man Utd rejects and Irish players who aren’t Robbie Keane has led to the biggest squad in the Premiership but arguably very little genuine quality. Squads are important but your first choice eleven take priority given that they’ll play the majority of games when fit. I think part of the problem has been the lack of a first choice defence – he has used six different back fours thus far. Looking at their squad I guess you would choose Chimbonda – Ferdinand – Nosworthy – McCartney. Hmm. As always, he’s being very frank in his assessment of his team and his own future but I reckon that as long as he keeps Sunderland up he’ll get a new contract. Great beard by the way but has he been taking styling tips from Abel Xavier?

Maybe I'll copy the hair too...

Maybe I'll copy the haircut too...


2. Is Gary Megson any good? Quietly, Bolton have won four out of their last five games and climbed to the dizzy heights of ninth in the table. Universally derided upon his appointment a year ago, Megson led Bolton to safety with a similar run at the end of the season where eleven points were taken from the final five games. Until then they were in dire trouble and looked set to be relegated. This year, they were in most people’s bottom three in the pre season predictions but have been steadily gaining points. So is he any good? I’m not convinced. His main summer signings were gambles to say the least (Muamba and Elmander for a combined £15 million) but to be fair the latter has started to score regularly now. He needs more than a 17th place to be judged a success, they should be looking towards mid table. I will reserve judgment until their next four games have passed – Chelsea(H), Villa(A), Pompey(H) and Liverpool(A). If they get anything from those then perhaps I’ll start to believe Gary Megson is a decent manager.

Oh noes, it's all going to go wrong!

Oh noes, it's all going to go wrong!


3. Somehow, Fulham’s defence is very good. Only 11 goals conceded all season. Only Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd have conceded less. This despite playing without a traditional defensive midfielder – more four guys who are quite good at attacking and not bad at defending, especially Bullard and Murphy. I’ve always had a soft spot for Fulham, they play decent football and Roy Hodgson is one of the good guys. This was dented slightly after they beat Arsenal but I will be quite happy to see them stay up.


4. Van Persie’s left foot is very, very good. His right one wasn’t bad at the weekend either. His first was offside but then this goal three years ago wasn’t and yet was disallowed. It all evens itself out, eventually. The win for Arsenal was one of those where the performance wasn’t all that good but the result was fantastic. To score two goals at Stamford Bridge after being behind means maybe, just maybe they can be legitimate title challengers. However we were here a month ago after the United game saying the same thing. Let’s see if they can beat Wigan at home next week (play the kids perhaps?) before saying so for sure. 


5. If John Terry wasn’t England captain and Sagna didn’t just get on with things and Sky weren’t so biased in what they choose to replay he’d be looking a three match ban right now (here 8 mins in) … 


6. Can Liverpool sustain a title challenge without a fully fit Fernando Torres? I’m not sure they can…
Haven't seen too much of this yet...

Haven't seen too much of this yet...




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One Response to “The Six Pointer – Is Roy Keane Any Good, RVP’s Right & more…”

  1. SJ Says:

    Justice is served for RVP and Arsenal. Loving the blog mate. I think I look forward to reading it more than any of my other industry blogs. Keep up the good work!

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