The Six Pointer – Big Four Blanks, Away Wins & more…


1. The domination of the Big Four means that headlines are made whenever one of them fails to win. It is relatively common though. However, when all four not only fail to win but fail to score as well you really sit up and take notice.

I am reliably informed the last time the Big Four all failed to win was August 19th last year. The last time they all failed to score on the same weekend was 1993.  Technically there wasn’t a Big Four then as Liverpool were down in sixth while Arsenal and Chelsea were in tenth and eleventh respectively. Minor detail though. 

Chelsea and Liverpool both had goaless draws against Newcastle and Fulham but will be glad that neither pulled away from each other. Man Utd failed to take advantage in the evening game, being held to another goalless draw at Aston Villa. The less said about Arsenal the better.

While this weekend is an anomaly I do think it is a sign of a more competitive league. It is always good seeing the big sides not have it all their own way and you feel that this season could be one where the traditional monopoly could be broken up. 


Firing blanks at the top


2. The importance of having the ambition to go for away wins cannot be underestimated. Winning one away  game 1-0 and losing one 5-0 leaves you in a better position than two 1-1 draws. Chelsea will win the title this season due to their fantastic record on the road. Seven games, seven wins, 19 scored, one conceded. I would be proud if my home record was that good, let alone my away one. Similarly, Hull are doing well as they have had the guts to go for wins at places like the Emirates and White Hart Lane. They currently have a better away record than Man Utd.


3. Aston Villa are quietly but surely improving all the time. They have held Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool to a grand total of zero goals this season and look a sure shout for fourth if the Gunners don’t buck up their ideas. Their recent run of form has even been achieved without main striker John Carew who has been injured/arguing with O’Neill/in strip clubs. A draw against United was an excellent result considering it used to always be defeat. If they don’t achieve it this season (and maybe Champions League football would be a year too soon) then they will only push on next year. The squad has a good blend of youth and experience (are you reading Mr Wenger?) and players like Young and Agbonlahor will only improve (whilst also avoiding the slight case of second season syndrome they seem to be going through). 


4. Gareth Bale doesn’t play, Tottenham win.

Gareth Bale playing, but not winning

Gareth Bale playing, but not winning...


5. Fabregas replacing Gallas as Arsenal captain doesn’t solve all their problems but it’s a good start. It gives them flexibility to drop Gallas when he’s not playing well (he hasn’t been, though is still the best defender at L’Arse), a captain who understands what Arsenal are about and a way of keeping hold of Fabregas from the clutches of Barcelona (at least for another couple of years). They need the likes of Adebayor and Sagna fully fit again to start moving in the right direction but I wouldn’t put it past them to hold Chelsea to a draw next week. 

Get lost, I'm captain now

Get lost, I'm captain now!


6. Johan Elmander scored. It was a good goal too. OMFG!




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One Response to “The Six Pointer – Big Four Blanks, Away Wins & more…”

  1. SJ Says:

    Great article. Enjoyed it. Captain Cesc to the rescue. Come on!!

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