The Six Pointer – Ronaldo’s Goals, Fabregas’ Funk & more…


So, another week passes and we are now a third of the way through the season. By now we are getting a good idea of team’s capabilities and what they are likely to battling for. Well sort of, as every week the tight bottom half of the table sees teams jumping up about eight places with a victory.


1. Ronaldo bagged himself another two goals on Saturday and now has eight for the season in the league. This come from just eight starts too. Man Utd never have a problem dispatching weak teams at home but if they are to mount a serious challenge to Chelsea and Liverpool they will need him to continue producing for the rest of the season. I feel that with Carlos Queiroz gone, they are much more vulnerable both defensively and in the grander scheme of things, tactically. They have only one point this season from their three games against the other members of the Big Four (though they have all been away to be fair) and are on pace to conceded ten more goals than last year. However, Ronaldo is a one man scoring machine and once the trio of him, Berbatov and Rooney/Tevez fully click they will be pushing the top two very hard.

I want £10K more for every goal I score...

I want £10K more for every goal I score...


2. Nicolas Anelka is even more on fire than Ronaldo at the moment. Eight goals in four games (12 overall) and relishing extended playing time in the absence of Drogba. It will be an interesting conundrum for Big Phil once Drogba is fully fit and not suspended. Anelka has been finally playing to his strengths – using his pace off the last defender but at the same time a lot of his goals have been four yard tap ins where he happened to be the Chelsea player in that position. You feel that in a tight, important game, Drogba is still the more likely to get you something out of nothing. This is almost irrelevant though as Chelsea are so strong in every position that they have very few tight important games – just convincing wins week in, week out. Anelka by the way needs just six more goals for his best ever league season.

Anelka fakes it for the cameras

Anelka fakes it for the cameras


3. What is up with Fabregas? He looks frustrated and unhappy and has been playing poorly for most of the season. Flamini and Hleb were not only a massive part of Arsenal’s success last year, they were also Cesc’s good mates off the pitch. This season there’s no one to do the leg work of Flamini which allows Fabregas to get forward and dictate the play while Nasri doesn’t quite have the dribbling and ball retention skills of Hleb (though he does shoot more). If Arsenal are somehow still within nine points of the lead come the January transfer window then Wenger may be able to sign the players needed to make a proper push (he won’t though so why speculate). But despite what John Terry might think, I reckon Arsenal’s title challenge ended on Saturday. If it’s not a problem in midfield, then it it’s one in central defence where there is a lack of dominance and pace if Toure isn’t playing. Meanwhile at the back there is a keeper who had it not been for Gomes’ many recent mistakes would be under much more scrutiny at the moment. They’ll still come fourth though.

Some help please

Some help please


4. What will come first? 

  • A Wigan win where Zaki doesn’t score.
  • A Tottenham win when Gareth Bale starts.
  • A West Ham win full stop.


5. Another meaningless international week sees England face Germany away. I have learnt many things over the years. One of those is to not watch international friendlies. Usually dull and usually draws. The only interesting story to come out of this is Mancienne being called up. He probably won’t even play so I don’t see what the big deal is. The sooner next weekend comes around the better. Rafa has the right idea by conveniently saying Gerrard is “out injured for 7-10 days” (remind me when Liverpool’s next game is…)


6. Random stat – Wayne Rooney has more yellow cards then goals in the league thus far.


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One Response to “The Six Pointer – Ronaldo’s Goals, Fabregas’ Funk & more…”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    Notice how C-Ron and Anelka both have fingers pointing up and how Cesc’s Wrist looks broken….. Do you think it’s a sign?

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