Fantasy Football – Gameweek 12


Wow, talk about the midweek betting tips being a bust. I guess you get those nights sometimes but it was surprising to see not one of the big teams win. I suspect it will be back to the norm though on matchday five.

Anyway, on to more important matters, this weekend’s fantasy football preview. Our captain choices last week all got goals or assists though only C Ron got double figures in points. Once again though, suggested transfers came good with Bentley getting another assist and Alex somehow bagging 17 points (did not see that one coming!).


Top 3 Captain Picks:

1.  Young/Aston Villa – A slightly risky pick I’m sure you’ll agree but with the two of the top 4 playing each other, the likes of Fabregas and Ronaldo can often cancel each other out. Young faces Boro at home this week as and as usual should be at the heart of Villa’s play. According to the BBC, Hoyte will play right back. Justin Hoyte is rubbish, Ashley Young will terrorize him.

2. Torres/Liverpool – This one is even more more risky than above as we simply don’t know if Torres will slot straight back in this weekend. But then what is a captain pick if not a risk? Assuming he starts (it looks like he should) he could fill his boots against West Brom.

3. Ronaldo/Man Utd – I’m not convinced he’ll actually do that much on Saturday against Arsenal. As shoddy as their central defence is, in Clichy and Sagna you have the best full back pairing in the league so they should be able to keep him quiet. He does tend to go missing in big games too *hides*. That said, you always have the fear that he will get two goals and three bonus points – just like he has done for the past two weeks. Remember, if in doubt pick C Ron as captain.


Suggested Transfers In:

1. Bendtner/Arsenal – RVP is out for three games and Ade is out for three weeks. This leaves Arsenal’s scoring responsibility to Nicklas Bendtner. He only has one league goal and a couple of assists thus far but he has only played the equivalent of four games minutes wise. The main reason to bring him in is he dirt cheap (only £5.3M) and is going to start for the next few weeks. For a third striker you could do a lot worse.

2. Modric or Bentley or Bent/Spurs – All now around the £7M mark after their values plummeted at the start of the season but all in decent form. Bent especially has three goals and an assist in his last four and faces an inconsistent Man City who seem to have forgotten how to defend.

3. Martins/Newcastle – Joe Kinnear has quietly been doing a good job at Newcastle and they climbed out of the bottom three last week. Martins has three goals in two games so we will back him to score again against Fulham.


Players To Avoid:

1. Bridge/Chelsea – You’d think he’ll playing with Cashley out at the moment but if I were Chelsea manager I would rather be playing Juliano Belletti. I’m not Big Phil Scolari but I reckon he will be thinking the same. Even if he does play, it’s just a bit embarassing to have Wayne Bridge in your squad.

2. Man City defenders – Not only are they not keeping clean sheets, you never actually know who Mark Hughes will play in defence. I brought Garrido in the other week as he was first choice left back and he hasn’t played since. Even Joe Hart in goal feels overpriced at £5M.

3. Subs who don’t play Following from the above point, make sure your bench players play every week. An obvious one I know but these things are often overlooked as you instead focus on how to get C Ron, Fat Frank and Ade into your team. There are plenty of cheap players you who will get you two points every week instead of none and believe me those two points can make the difference at the end of the season (I’ve lost a league by a point before…). Players like Griffin, Greening and Davies are all cheap guys who have played every minute this year.




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2 Responses to “Fantasy Football – Gameweek 12”

  1. Football Guy Says:

    Who did you lose that league to by one point?

  2. Just A Fan Says:

    First off, just want to say I like the blog guys, keep it up.

    But I have to disagree with your captain’s picks.

    As a Villa fan, I’m not sure about Ashley Young this week. He has looked tired recently (along with Agbonlahor) and I think the hectic fixture list is catching up with Villa. You saw it in the second half against Newcastle, and I think you’ll see it again today against Boro.

    After all, the squad has faced the long trip back from Prague on Thursday night. The team can’t be fully fit after that…

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