Give A Whoop Whoop For Rubin Kazan…and Get Russian Football on British TV NOW!



Following the scintillating football played by the Russian national team in last summer’s Euros and the convincing way Zenit beat Manchester United in the Super Cup, Russian football has received a lot more attention than ever before (which was none, remember John Terry couldn’t name one Russian footballer!).

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Andrei Arshavin in the English Premiership and Zenit have been a huge disappointment in the Champions League. Therefore, before the English audience’s interest starts to wane, I thought I would update you on the exciting news that Rubin Kazan has won the Russian domestic league. No, that isn’t the name of a Jewish-American Wall Street banker that has decided to flip reverse the Russian oligarchs’ interest in foreign football; it is the name of only the third football club outside of Moscow that has won the league since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

While Zenit failed to live up to the standard they set in the Premier league last season and the Moscow clubs remained in disarray after losing key players and coaches, Rubin have marched on an impressive run of form since the summer, winning the last 9 out of 10. Their league title is all the more impressive considering there are 3 games to go, with the tough game away at CSKA now an opportunity for Rubin’s players to bask in their title winning glory.

The team from the capital of Tartarstan, an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation (the British equivalent would be Cardiff winning the Premiership), became a strong outfit under the guidance of their Turkmen manager, Kurban Berdyev, described by Eastern European football expert Jonathan Wilson as the Turkmenistani Harry Redknapp!

Berdyev’s astuteness in the transfer market been reflected by his mish mash of Russian national team squad players Sergei Semak, Roman Sharonov and Roman Adamov, with past masters such as Sergei Rebrov and Savo Milosevic. I didn’t even know the latter two still played football until I saw them cracking in goals for Rubin earlier this year.

Despite the argument that Zenit were unable to sustain a challenge this year following their UEFA cup exploits and involvement of key players in Russia’s run to the semi finals of the Euros, Rubin’s title triumph proves that the Russian league has become a truly exciting, competitive and open league. British terrestrial/cable channels should consider buying the rights for showing the highlights of Russian domestic matches, as I doubt it would cost them that much (in fact, the Russian FA would probably be so privileged they may considering giving them away for free!).

Until then I will make do with streaming the matches online and wait for my weekly dose of highlights via a random Russian guy that lives in Italy who uploads the action onto Youtube.

Last but not least, a further reason to follow Russian football is that Rubin Kazan have a South African international midfielder called MacBeth. Unlike Benny McCarthy, he is apparently the ‘true heroic soldier’. Now that is truly legendary stuff.




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  1. Football Guy Says:

    Good finally read something from the other half of the Sport Boys. Very good.

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