The Three Pointer


The weekend’s match reports can be found here, here and here. We don’t want to go over what’s already been written but here are three points from the weekend’s action.


1. Arsenal’s lack of quality central midfielders, towering centre back, commanding goalkeeper, options in their squad led to another (un)suprising defeat at Sto—————–>ke (that’s a Delap throw from the o to the k). Points wise they are still in title race, but with an upcoming run of Man Utd (H), Aston Villa (H), Man City (A) and Chelsea (A) in November that may well not be the case in four games time. How much will Wenger rue not replacing Flamini and Gilberto and signing a tall, no nonsense, central defender in the mould of Vidic or Terry. The kids may well turn in world beaters, but the trick is overlapping the changeover so that they come in just as the old guard are on their way out. 


2. With Bolton and Newcastle’s somewhat unexpected wins, Spurs find themselves back at the foot of the table despite a fortunate three points against Liverpool. While Redknapp has overseen an encouraging, and rather lucky start, a lot of work remains to be done. That said, just four points currently separate Everton in 7th and  West Brom in 19th. Some unlikely clubs may yet find themselves in an unwanted relegation battle.


3. Not football related but congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. I have to say I find his media trained persona quite boring and I fully intended to put money on Massa to win the title at 4s on Betfair (in a two horse race, on Massa’s home turf , with Alonso out for revenge and the FIA arguably being pro Ferarri I thought that was a good shout). However, as a driver he is fantastic and is bringing back the daring overtaking I haven’t seen since the days of Jacques Villeneuve and the great man Senna himself. He fully deserved his championship and in true Tiger Tim Henman style made us all sweat it out and waited till the final corner of the season!




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